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Gakko—meaning “school” in Japanese—was founded as an innovative, inclusive, international summer camp in 2011. While Gakko started in Japan, we now operate camps and afterschool programs around the world, and will soon launch a suite of digital learning tools in several languages. With an emphasis on creativity and collaboration, Gakko places project-based, experiential learning at the center of its rapidly expanding portfolio of programs.

Over the last 7 years we’ve hosted camps in more than four countries, impacting 400+ participants from more than 65 nations. Now our project lands in NYC where we’re opening after school programs in music and technology and rethinking the digital experience for students of all ages, starting with our youngest audience (3 to 5 year olds).

Interested in joining the team, and helping us re-imagine the ways we learn?

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Job Openings
Product Manager New York Send us your cover letter and resume at:
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Gakko is looking for an enthusiastic and talented Product Manager to take our first application to market. We are rethinking the digital experience for students of all ages, starting with our youngest audience (3 to 5 year olds). We’ve combined our exciting new SDK with award-winning artistic talent to create an experience that’s unique and bold.

Our PM must be very goal oriented and impact driven, be passionate about producing moving learning experiences for students of all ages, and be a kid at heart. This is a product role with an active participation in strategy, research, feature design, as well as project management.

We are looking for someone who has experience launching both Apple and Android mobile apps (managing the submission process, assets required, coordinating with PR efforts), navigating customer (qualitative) and sales (quantitative) feedback, with proactive fervor to create and harness opportunities to push our app to the top.

First and foremost, our PM needs to be a stellar communicator to ensure the team works efficiently and harmoniously. Collaborating with engineers and designers, drafting spec docs, and wire-framing ideas are some of the many tasks required by the PM. This is an opportunity to join a small but mighty team and help shape the future products coming down the pipeline. This is a full-time position in NYC.

  • 2+ years experience as a PM
  • Experience launching apps to the App Store and/or Google Play Store
  • Experience with user testing and qualitative feedback
  • Passion for metrics and a data-driven approach to success
  • Team-orientated and good communicator (both written and verbal)
  • Ability to visualize concepts in wire-frames for designers and engineers

2018 Camp Operations Manager Japan Send us your cover letter and resume at:
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The 2018 Camps Operations Manager is responsible for being the eyes and ears of the Gakko core team and directors in Japan for the smooth running of the two camps happening in Okayama in the summer of 2018. As the Operations Manager, you will be living and traveling with the camp team and maintaining close close contact with the Japan Country Manager (Reiri Kojima) to facilitate:

  • Liaison between the camp team (directors, core team members and sempai) and Akaiwa city and the campsite.
  • Communications on the ground with bus companies and others to transport the sempai team from Kansai airport to our prep accommodations in Kyoto, and from Kyoto to the campsite in Okayama.
  • Plan and execute pick up and drop off logistics for campers and counselors arriving on site. This includes, managing sempai to help with process.
  • Bookings, reservations and any other communications necessary on the ground for meals, accommodations or other prep or material needs.
  • Working closely with the directors to acquire necessary camp materials prior to arrival on campsite.
  • Settling the chef team at the campsite and making sure they are comfortable.
  • Handling necessary communications for any emergencies during prep or camp.

  • Bilingual (Japanese and English), able to swiftly navigate language gaps between the camp team and local community and personnel.
  • Have a driver’s license in Japan and comfortable driving around Okayama and the campsite.
  • You should be timely, responsable, organizationally skilled and self-sufficient.

Key Dates*
  • June 8-16 // ​Tokyo + Kyoto
    Meet the core team and directors and get oriented in the prep venue.
  • June 17-30 ​// Kyoto + Okayama
    First team of sempai arrive in Kyoto, prep continues off-site and on-site.
  • July 1-14 ​// Okayama
    Kohai arrive and first campin progress in Okayama.
  • July 14-28 ​// Kyoto
    Meet second camp team (sempai and directors) in Kyoto for prep.
  • July 29-August 11 ​// Okayama
    Kohai arrive and camp in progress in Okayama.
  • August 12-17 ​// Okayama + Tokyo
    Strike campsite and retrospective with the core team.

*A more detailed summer schedule will be shared at a later date.

Senior Program Manager New York Send us your cover letter and resume at:
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As the Senior Program Manager for Gakko New York, you will be working with the Gakko team to lay the foundation for a robust, engaged community of students and educators in New York City. In our inaugural year, we’ll launch a series of programs in music and technology, and we’ll also activate our space with events and shorter educational programs across disciplines. Your role will focus on achieving two key goals:

1. Implement amazing educational programs for high school students

  • Create and execute a student outreach and marketing plan
  • Create and execute a student selection and onboarding process
  • Drive the management and execution of afterschool and summer day- camp programs for high school students with support from the lead teachers and teaching assistants
  • Collaborate with leadership team to develop and execute program growth strategy
  • Build and maintain partnerships with local schools and communities

2. Build and manage a community by utilizing the Gakko New York space

  • Manage the Gakko New York space and logistics, overseeing everything from developing space access protocols to making sure we have enough paper towels in the kitchen
  • Plan and run a variety of events, including things like:
    • Student recruitment events and Open Houses
    • Team celebrations and program Demo Days
    • Community building events
    • Workshops, concerts, and exhibits hosted by community member

  • 3+ years work experience
  • Strong social skills and written and verbal communication skills
  • Hands on and execution-oriented
  • Strong operational and organizational skills
  • Strong command of Office, Google Suite, Organization clients (Slack, Asana) (Bonus for CRM experience)
  • Passion for building experiences and spaces to reclaim the magic of learning
  • Self-starter; thrives in a fluid and dynamic startup environment
  • Goal-oriented and impact-driven