Kenta koga

Before founding Gakko to empower education through technology, Kenta worked at Palantir Technologies and some startups. In addition to making learning a creative experience, Kenta is a professional magician. His degree is from Yale University, where he was encouraged to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.

Kenta Koga CEO

Graham banfield

Graham is a music creator, educator, performer, and researcher. He has played in Carnegie Hall and worked with EMMY-, GRAMMY- and Pulitzer-prize winning composers. Graham holds a Master’s of Music from Yale University and is completing doctoral studies at the University of Toronto.

Graham Banfield Music

Alex qin

A software engineer and educator, Alex works to provide access to computer science education and leverage technology for social change. Prior to Gakko, was at the Web Engineering Team Lead at Skillshare and the Curriculum Director at Coalition for Queens. She holds a B.S. in Computer Science from New York University.

Alex Qin Director of Technology

Aliya merali

Aliya designs and executes programs to make education accessible to all. Her previous experience includes roles with Coalition for Queens and the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. Aliya holds a BS in Physics from The College of New Jersey and an MS in Urban Data Science from New York University.

Aliya Merali Operations

Natalie akers

After studying agriculture cooperatives, Natalie taught at the U.S. Grant Program and worked as a Venture for America fellow in Ohio. She joins Gakko to operate camps, which she likes to think of as building communities with young people in rural places. She graduated from Yale with a B.A. in American Studies.

Natalie Akers Project Director, Gakko Camps

Cezar mocan

Cezar is a maker who believes in the potential of crossbreeding technology, art and education. Prior to joining Gakko, he worked with Palantir Technologies and Twitter Inc. as a software engineer. He graduated from Yale University with a degree in Computer Science.

Cezar Mocan Engineering

Zoe lockard

Zoe works closely with Gakko’s enthusiastic community, as well as with admissions. Prior to joining Gakko, she worked as a private investigator. She graduated from American University of Paris with a B.A. in Comparative Literature and Urban Studies.

Zoe Lockard Community, Gakko Camps

Julia sussner

With roots in architecture, screen media and theater, Julia worked at Flux, a Google [X] spin-off, and founded Parsing Place Productions, an interactive content publisher. She has a PhD in Architecture and Interactive Narrative from the University of Cambridge and is co-editor of the academic peer-reviewed journal Digital Creativity. Most importantly, she's a mom.

Julia Sussner Director, Gakko Digital Learning

Reiri ray kojima

Reiri is a scholar, educator and consultant; he holds an MA and PhD in Arts Management and Cultural Policy from Tokyo University of the Arts. Prior to joining Gakko, she worked with Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the launch of the Japan House project as programming and external relations manager.

Reiri Ray Kojima Japan Country Manager

Dylan frederick

A lifelong beneficiary of art schools and the Montessori method, Dylan now spends summertime pursuing camp as a supreme medium for meeting and making. He acts, writes, and composes for the theatre. BFA, University of Evansville. MFA, Yale School of Drama.

Dylan Frederick Art Direction

Leyla levi

Leyla thinks at the intersection of architecture, theater and education. With a degree in architectural studies from Yale, she has four years of experience with Gakko as a Sempai to the camp initiative.

Leyla Levi Art Direction

Yusuke shibata

After studying computer science at Tokyo University, Yusuke founded and served as lead engineer at Semitransparent Design. Before joining Gakko, he worked on multiple digital media art projects internationally.

Yusuke Shibata Engineering

Yuta koga

Yuta is an actor, videographer and tap dancer based in Tokyo. Outside of Gakko, he splits his time between Tokyo and Europe, working on various film projects as an actor and/or cinematographer.

Yuta Koga Videography

Ayatake ezaki

Ayatake is a media artist, jazz pianist and a designer at Gakko Tokyo Studio. He majored in Musical Composition at Tokyo University of the Arts, and currently studies Design and Education at University of Tokyo Graduate School.

Ayatake Ezaki Research

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Our trusted advisors & contributors.

Lakshmi pratury

Lakshmi is an entrepreneur, curator, interviewer, and speaker. After more than 20 years in leading roles in tech, venture capital, and non-profits, she founded INK, India’s foremost platform for the exchange of cutting-edge ideas.

Lakshmi Pratury CEO of INK

John hardy

An artist and entrepreneur, John dedicates himself to building a more sustainable world through education and design. He and his wife Cynthia conceived and created the Green School in Bali, Indonesia to deliver pioneering education.

John Hardy Founder of Green School, Bali

Maria de lera

María wants to use technology as a force for social change. An early GAKKO ambassador, she brings her experiences in operations strategy at Lyft and technology investment banking at Credit Suisse to her role as the team's Strategic Advisor.

María de Lera Lyft

Lauren gersick

Lauren has worked in college counseling for over a decade, with a deep interest in the creative paths of students. Since 2013, she has been at The Urban School of San Francisco, where she is currently Co-director of College Counseling.

Lauren Gersick The Urban School of San Francisco

Bay gross

Bay is a product manager and technology enthusiast who has worked with Google in New York, India, and Switzerland. He currently works for a Venture Capital firm in Manhattan and enjoys working closely with great startups.

Bay Gross Sidewalk Labs

Tom lamb

Tom is a technology company founder and executive, ex-Wall Street lawyer and investment banker, who has worked extensively both within and outside of the United States. He now focuses his professional efforts on advising startup companies from his home in Southern California.

Tom Lamb Senior Strategy Advisor